Kakadu Lazy Susan - Climbing Pomegranate

Kakadu Lazy Susan - Climbing Pomegranate

$91.65 - $130.00

Product Description

Here is the perfect gift for Rosh Hashanah when pomegranates are the traditional dish. This delightful Lazy Susan displays three luscious pomegranates climbing upwards. Green leaves, a warm lemon background and a pleasing green frame complete the picture. Choose from three sizes
A Kakadu Lazy Susan is an exclusive gift. Like all Kakadu products, it will always be enjoyed for its striking design and impeccable quality.

Ball-bearing mechanism ensures easy rotation.
Heat resistant. Easily washes or wipes clean.
Shipping and handling time: ten days


Artist: Kakadu Designs
Material: wood
Choice of 3 sizes
Made in Israel
Handling time: 3 weeks

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