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Showing 1-32 out of 46 items

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When did men begin to wear jewelry?

Although it may seem a modern invention, men’s jewelry has been around for centuries. The ancients, especially the aristocracy, were adorned with valuable ornaments. So, any young man who wishes to be trendy and wear jewelry has historical support. It’s a great gift to present to that special man in your life.

Buy Online

Research indicates that men prefer to purchase jewelry online. Standing in a store trying on jewelry and gazing into the mirror is fine for women but not for men. So, go online. Scroll through our selection. You will find our men’s jewelry to be discreet and tasteful, radiating strength, energy and respect.

Jewish Men’s Jewelry

Bracelet and necklaces that subtly display Jewish identity are always popular. Our display of Gal Cohen trendy wrap-around bracelets is a visual delight. There is something for everyone. You will find silver plated plaques that feature the prayer of Shema Yisrael, the words of Modeh Ani or the Priestly blessing. Ha’ari, the Jerusalem based Kabbalah jewelry center, offers bracelets with mystical charms and engravings that bring blessing or protection from the Bad Eye. The bracelets of Kabbalist scholar and jewelry artist Golan are hand engraved with mystical charms or other religious emblems. There are lots of Stars of David – always a proud declaration of loyalty to the Jewish people and their land.

Symbolic men's jewelry

The trendiest designer in Israel today is Gal Cohen. Proclaiming the message of youth, she creates incredible jewelry for men. Her wrap around bracelets features popular symbols that carry messages of strength, authority and action. Whether it is anchors, arrows, boats, infinity or compass points, her bracelets and necklaces – in a choice of manly colors – are perfect gifts. They will liven up the casual jeans and look equally good at the evening party.


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