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Showing 1-32 out of 32 items

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Our House Warming Gifts

So you were invited to a housewarming and want to bring a gift that will help to make the house a "Home Sweet Home!" Scroll through our site. Enjoy the huge choice in our Jewish Gifts, Home Decor or Artists categories. There is something for everyone there. Here, we have selected outstanding items that come with a Jewish tang – always appropriate and timely.

Jewish Charm

You can't go wrong with a gift of a Mezuzah case. Canaan-Online has hundreds to choose from – every possible size, material and design. Here we bring you a charming silver colored Mezuzah case with a graceful pomegranate design from artist Shraga Landesman, a contemporary sleek brass Mezuzah case from Anat Basanta or a one-of-a-kind exclusive Mezuzah case from Tzuki – perfect for an entrance or foyer.

Charity defines a Jewish home. So, we have included a splendid looking gold and crystal tzedokah box that will take pride of place in any home.

Wall decorations make a statement and set the tone of the home. Dorit Judaica's stunning shadow laser cuts will look impressive wherever they stand. Dvora Black's wall decorations have a delicate beauty that our customers love.

For Shabbat, you will find prestigious candlesticks from Landesman or a teal aluminum challah board from Agayof and Dorit Judaica. There are gleaming crystal napkin holders that also hold birkonim.

If your gift is for a family who appreciate psychedelic contemporary art, they will love the David Gerstein fruit bowl decorated with disco dancers who move in a frenzy, living every moment of life to the full.

The Canaan-Online Commitment

Choosing a gift is always a challenge. Call up our staff. They will be delighted to help you navigate through the selection. So, happy shopping and enjoy purchasing a gift that will give lasting use and pleasure.

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