Friekmanndar Glass Art


Artists Maya Kedar & Shiri Friedmann of Friekmanndar collect recycled glass bottles and broken valued tableware on Israeli beaches. These pieces of glass and porcelain are then processed and transformed by Kedar and Friedmann into radiant home d&233;cor pieces. It's interesting to note that the glass recycled and uplifted by Friekmanndar usually spends weeks, if not months, at sea, soaked in seawater and rubbed by sand granules, before being ejected onto the Tel Aviv shore. This sea-soaking adds another unique dimension to their glassworks.


Explains Kedar, “The esthetic concept leading our creative process is the fusing between the material and the spiritual. This process occurs when we remove the raw material from its original context and give it new purpose.” Kedar, a Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design graduate and Friedmann, stained glass artist and art graduate of Tel-Aviv University, fuse together raw materials, techniques, life philosophies & experiences, creating unique stained-glass works of art of rare beauty.

Working together in perfect harmony, they spend hours drawing up the seed of an idea of each item, creating it and finally adding the finishing touches. Even the solder they employ to connect the various pieces of glass is assigned a higher purpose- becoming a decorative motif in and of itself integral to the final design.


Friekmanndar's unique collection boasts a wide variety of home and workplace blessings, Jewish prayers and Psalms encased in stained-glass and fused glass hamsas, stars of David, pomegranates, squares and rectangles. Stylish mezuzah cases of every shape and color as well as funky Chanukah menorahs, Shabbat candlesticks and honey dishes also add warmth to their colorful selection.


And… how did they come up with the brand name Friekmanndar? The origin of the name comes from the combination of their last names – Friedmann and Kedar.

Friekmanndar's art can be found in galleries, museum shops and boutiques in Israel and around the world. "Please know," implores Friedmann, "that every Friekmanndar product is meticulously hand-made. We put our hearts and souls into every piece of art we create and no two items are exactly the same." We at Canaan Online are sure that you will connect to the pulsing vibe bursting forth from Friekmanndar's oh-so Israeli collection.

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