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Welcome to our one-stop Chanukah store where you will find everything you need to celebrate this 8-day joyous Festival with all its beautiful traditions.


The most well-known tradition of the Chanukah celebration is the eight-branch Menorah lit each evening after nightfall. In many families, each member lights his own Menorah. So, whether it is for guests or growing children or because it’s time for a change - a new Menorah is always an appropriate purchase before Chanukah.

You will find a fine selection on our website… classic style low cost Menorahs or exclusive creations from well-known Judaica artists. There are traditional shapes or more contemporary style for the modern home.

The Menorah can be lit with oil and wicks or wax candles. Our box filled with cork floaters and wicks will simplify the Menorah lighting ritual. If you use candles, we offer you a stunning range of tall colorful candle that will add a glow to your Chanukah gatherings.


The spinning top known as “dreidel” or in Israel “sevivon” is part of the Chanukah scene. We offer a select choice that you will enjoy using for playing with the children. After Chanukah you will proudly display it on your Judaica shelf.


It has become the custom, to celebrate Chanukah with gifts – some children receive gifts every night. In our Chanukah gift section, you will find a fine choice of Menorahs and dreidels. For a wider choice of gifts, scroll through our website. For adults, there are beautiful home and table decorations, exquisite items of jewelry, skin care preparations and for the children - lots of books, CD’s, stickers and other entertainments.

Festival of Light

Like all Jewish Festivals, Chanukah is a time when family gets together, enjoying each other’s company. Use our website to maximize this opportunity so that it should truly be a “lichtiger Chanukah” – a Chanukah filled with light and joy!

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