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Showing 1-32 out of 78 items

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When do you buy your souvenir gifts?

Who says souvenirs from Israeli need to be purchased when you are in Israel? Do you really want to spend your precious vacation hours searching the shops for those gift bargains? Canaan-Online has the perfect solution. Purchase your gift from the comfort of your home before you leave. Immediately on your return, whip them out and distribute as if they came with you on the plane.

Barbara Shaw’s Souvenirs

It is hard to resist the charm of Barbara Shaw’s mugs – each one has a text that is so perfectly Israeli, everyone will love it. Still with Barbara Shaw, consider her aprons, tote bags, T-shirts, coin purses or makeup pouch. Although she settled in Israel from Australia, her products capture the lively spirit of Israel with a dynamic message that announces, “I am here!”

Ester Shahaf’s decorative keyrings

A keyring is a thoughtful stylish souvenir. The O’ so Israeli decorative themes of Ester Shahaf make this an elegant gift. You will be remembered every time it is used.

Dorit Judaica

In her inimitable style, Dorit Judaica succeeds in transferring her hallmark pomegranate themes to a striking collection of keyrings. They carry dramatic blessings or verses from the Bible and some are decorated with well-known pity sayings and blessings.

Finally, the success of the collection is Barbara Shaw’s oleh kit, perfect to introduce new immigrants to those well-worn words, “Welcome to Israel!” Get ready to laugh with her when you open the tin and discover a mini map of Israel, a tea bag, dictionary magnet felafel purse, Herzl keychain, garinim, Israeli flag and sandpaper for sharpening your elbows!

In conclusion…

We hope you found our suggestions amusing, entertaining and also functional. Our final advice… treat yourself to a gift too.

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