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Showing 1-28 out of 28 items

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Why Menorah Candles

Although it is preferable to kindle the Chanukah Menorah with oil and cotton wicks, it is perfectly in order to use candles – as is the custom in countless Jewish homes.

Jews always beautify ritual items. The humble Chanukah candle is no exception. Canaan-Online takes pride to offer you a vibrant dramatic selection of candles that will bring a splash of glowing color to your Menorah table.

The Choice

You will find in on our website the simple Menorah candles, popular for children or Menorah with small candleholders.

Now, scroll through the selection of gorgeous colorful candles. They are all handmade in Safed, the northern town of Israel that is famous for its deep mystical roots. There, in its winding footpaths, is the company's studio and workshop where these stunning dripless candles are designed and produced. Choose the candle that speaks to your heart – pure white, sky blue stripes, candy colors, colorful combinations of reds and greens. Whichever color combination you fancy, you will find it in the Safed collection. Each box holds enough candles for use throughout the Festival and they burn for about an hour so there is time to revel in the joyous colors.

We recommend our eye-catching matchbox of large matches with an attractively designed cover on which the blessings and festival songs are written. This is a perfect party or guest gift for children and adults.

For those who still prefer to light with oil and wicks, our floating wicks with holders neatly packed in a box has simplified this task beyond recognition.

For a touch of elegance, use our Candle Lighter to give an exclusive look to your candle lighting ceremony.

Jewish Light

In Jewish tradition, light is a symbol of joy. Let our candles enhance the joy of the Festival and bring strengthened Jewish joy and pride in the laws, customs, and traditions of Chanukah.

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