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Showing 1-32 out of 83 items

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What is a Kabbalah Necklace?

A Kabbalah necklace incorporates mystical words and verses, based on an ancient lore going back some two thousand years. Today, the study has become widespread and along with it, has grown the surging popularity of Kabbalah necklaces. Madonna and other celebrities have raised public awareness of Kabbalah. It has clearly provided them, and countless others, with a feeling of meaningful spiritual identity.

Why wear a Kabbalah Necklace?

Maybe it is an expression of your search for clarity in life. Perhaps you are intrigued by the mystical words and letters. Or, you appreciate the relevance of the ancient words and prayers. Others wear Kabbalah necklaces to improve relationships, give success in life or provide protection from the evil eye.

Whatever your reason for acquiring a Kabbalah necklace, you will find a select choice at Canaan-online. Each one has been made in Israel by Kabbalah scholars who have studied extensively and understand the power and potential of Kabbalah jewelry.

The Choice

Our main exhibits are from Golan, an avid Kabbalah scholar who personally engraves and exerts his spiritual energy on every necklace he crafts or, from the prestigious Ha’ari studio where each item is produced in accordance with strict Kabbalah criteria, using precious metals and an impeccable quality of design and style.

One of our most popular necklaces is the “72 Names,” featuring G-d’s names, each one manifesting a different aspect as perceived by human beings. If you are a Hamsa fan, you will find a delightful Hamsa pendant depicting also a variety of blessings. Others display the Priestly blessing or words of heartfelt tribute and blessing.

The Perfect Gift

Whether you are receiving or giving, a Kabbalah necklace is a gift of love that carries a deep message. It combines unique beauty with spiritual elevation and will always be a treasured item of jewelry.

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