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High-End Anodized Aluminum Judaica

Agayof's fine Judaica is made up of a father and son team who has been creating unique Judaica items for over 40 years. AvnerAgayof is a trained silversmith; AviahAgayof is the business side of the team handling the commercial sides. Together they design contemporary and geometric Judaic ritual items. Located in Jerusalem the Agayof factory and studio specializes in combining Hi-Tec industries and traditional artwork.

Agayof: Ultra-Modern, Sleek and Sophisticated

By combing geometric forms such as the circle, triangle, and square with elements inspired by nature, Agayof creates ultra-modern, sleek and sophisticated Judaica items. From the skillful and subdued use of color in the production and by incorporating Hebrew writing Avner upgrades the AgayofJudaica pieces and turns them into collector's items. Working primarily in anodized aluminum, Agayof is able to offer each of their innovating products in a variety of stunning colors.

Innovative Design; Vast Collection

Agayof offers a wide selection of beautiful mezuzahs, grogers, challah knives and much more. Some of the most popular Agayof items include their candle holders and menorahs, some of which are specially designed for travel. Agayof has established a reputation for their quality products and innovative designs with their unique travel friendly Judaica items, offering a variety of stackable, foldable, and collapsible menorahs and candle holders. These unique designs not only transform into small and easy to pack items, but look just as stunning once collapsed into their smaller side. The doughnut menorah can even be transformed into a single or set of candlesticks and the dreidle menorah transforms into a working dreidle! Perfect for times when we find ourselves, away from home and not in our own, or other, Jewish communities.

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