Teal Tzedakah Box by Agayof - tree of Life

Teal Tzedakah Box by Agayof - tree of Life

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  • Laser cut aluminum Tree of Life design Tzedakah box
  • Elegant teal and silver colors
  • Made in Israel by Agayof

Product Description

This anodized aluminum teal colored charity box from Agayof features a tree with strong roots and many leaves. Giving charity is a tree of life, ensuring that the home represents strong Jewish values and priorities. The word "tzedakah" is etched in Hebrew down the side of the box.
Israeli artist Avner Agayof, renowned for his contemporary stylish designs, brings a sleek contemporary look in elegant colors to traditional every day Judaica items.


Item #: AGY-TZ-008-Teal
Width: 3.2" / 8cm
Depth: 1.7" / 4cm
Materials: Anodized aluminium
Made in Israel
Artist: Agayof

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