Tzedakah Box in Salmon Pink by Dabbah

Tzedakah Box in Salmon Pink by Dabbah

  • Salmon pink anodized aluminum in elegant cylinder shape
  • “Tzedakah” (charity) written in four fonts on metal band
  • Made in Israel by prominent artist Benny Dabbah

Product Description

Charity begins at home, teaching children from a young age the importance of giving tzedakah, extending assistance to the less fortunate. Your children will adore this exclusive looking salmon pink anodized aluminum charity box from Benny Dabbah and it will encourage them to drop in those coins.
Benny Dabbah, fifth generation in a family of master craftsmen, presents us with exclusive anodized aluminum charity boxes blending tradition with contemporary design.


Item #: DBH-ZB-01-Pink
Artist: Benny Dabach
Material: Anodized Aluminum
Letters: nickel plated brass
Height: 5"/13 cm

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