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Are you looking for jewelry that will make you feel special? Do you want a unique piece that is bold, colorful and imaginative, handcrafted with semi-precious stones? And, also reasonably priced.

Look no further. Edita Jewelry is all that and more.

Edith Mandel-Epstein, known to her friends as Edita, was born in Lima, Peru and raised in the USA and Israel. She brings to her dazzling jewelry creations her multi-cultural background and her love of Jewish motifs. Living in the rural section of Modiin, the changing seasonal colors are an on-going source of inspiration for her glamorous jewelry themes.


For an experience of visual delight, spend a few moments scrolling through the Edita collection of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Their timeless elegance speakS the language of feminine beauty – the right of every woman to look and feel her best with a custom-made piece of jewelry. Notice Edita's lavish use of semi-precious stones, pearls, Swarovski crystals, glass and ceramic beads with gold and silver-plated beads. There are colors and shades that will match with any day or evening outfit. You will see cascading beads, dangling nuggets, soft sparkling crystals. There are charm bracelets and choker bracelets. The long dainty earrings are an exquisite blend of elegance that will enhance any outfit. Many of the necklaces have the option of matching bracelets or earrings enabling you to build up a stunning set of jewelry.


An Edita piece of jewelry will dress up a casual outfit or look perfect for that special occasion. Whenever or wherever, it will be noticed and is sure to bring lots of compliments and admiring glances.

Finally, note the cost. Each item looks prestigious and luxurious but the price is so affordable that you will want to indulge yourself as well as a friend – and return later for another piece!

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