Chanukkah Gifts

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Gift Giving

Giving gifts on Chanukah, a recent American tradition, encompasses parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles – just about anyone you want to please and share with them a moment of joy.

Chanukah Gifts

Chanukah is a family festival. After the nightly Menorah lighting ceremony, the family usually remain together enjoying each other’s company. So, it is the ideal opportunity to exchange gifts.

Value of a Gift

A gift carries a message. Its value is not what it cost but what it represents. Hopefully, you will derive joy from giving your gift and your recipient will be equally joyful to receive it.

Canaan-Onlien Gifts

Many of our customers are not sure which gift to buy when they begin to scroll through our website. They love the wide choice of jewelry, home and table decorations, or Judaica items, and usually end up buying more than one item!

Chanukah Gifts

Naturally, the most appropriate gift to present on Chanukah is a Menorah or a spinning top.

Scroll through our Menorah selection. We have chosen a few for your consideration. Tzuki’s Menorah sculptures project a child-like love of life and the joy of acceptance within the family circle. The Dabbah Menorah is an artistic masterpiece, displaying Hebrew letters etched into metal. For children, he has created a puzzle design Menorah – brightly colored aluminum pieces locking together in the shape you choose.

For a dreidel gift, we have selected the prestigious magnet dreidel of Adi Sidler or the brass ancient coin dreidel of Yealat Chen. Stroll through our website for a choice of more dreidels.

The value of a gift

A gift enriches the giver no less than the receiver. Indeed the Hebrew word for he gave, “natan” reads backwards also as “natan.” As the old proverb says, “If you always give, you will always have.”

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