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Showing 1-32 out of 62 items

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Gift Sculptures

A stylish sculpture is always a thoughtful gift – for yourself or a dear one, for a house warming or for a newly married couple. It gives a finishing touch to a room or hallway and makes a definite statement about the good taste of those who live in the home. It always gives an exclusive impression and will impress guests and be a good starting point for conversation.

Gerstein Sculptures

Renowned artist David Gerstein lives and works in Israel but his sculptures are recognized world-wide and are always prestigious gifts. His figures are dynamic and colorful, his themes are humorous and entertaining. His special interest sculptures are perfect for the cyclist, musician; the bird or butterfly enthusiasts and the Hamsa fans. For a special message of love, enjoy his 100 Kisses, Face to Face or Strokes of Love sculptures.

Bring color to your home or place of work with a signed Gerstein double-sided free standing laser-cut metal vase and bouquet. You will find a selection of flower vases that will bring a breath of nature to a city home.

Miniature sculptures

Looking to decorate a shelf or sculpture? Want to start or add to a collection. Scroll through our colorful and entertaining Yair Emanuel collection. You will love his owls, camels, ducks or playful dogs.


You are sure to find on this site, a sculpture that will warm up space in any home or place of work. Our sculptures are especially meaningful since they are produced by Jewish artists, living and working in Israel. So, this is a wonderful way to beautify your home and connect yourself to the art of Israel.

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