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Showing 1-32 out of 46 items

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Why a Home Blessing Plaque

Whatever the reason – whether it is a newly married couple setting up house, a teenager moving into college rooms or elderly relatives settling into a retirement setting - you want to extend traditional blessings. So, in the comfort of your home scroll through the Canaan-Online collection of Home Blessings and express your good wishes with one of our stunning wall decorations. It will remain long after your visit – an enduring reminder of your heartfelt prayer for the residents to be granted all that is good in their new home. Many make a point of presenting a Hebrew blessing. It is a wonderful way to inject Jewish spirit into the home.

Our Collection

Looking to present the full text of a home blessing? There are a number of options. Ester Shahaf's pewter wall blessing with their heavily beaded frames are incredibly beautiful. For a dramatic look, nothing can beat Dorit Judaica's visually dramatic wall blessings with letters boldly cut in aluminum. For ceramic fans, the delicate beauty of Michal Ben Yosef's hand painted home blessing will be hard to resist. Most of these artists offer the blessings in Hebrew or English.

Want to connect to traditional Jewish symbols? Ester Shahaf's exquisite Star of David surrounded with blessings, elaborate beading and Swarovski stones, will look stunning on any wall.

You enjoy pomegranates, ancient symbol of wealth, bounty and wisdom? You will find in our collection delightful pomegranate wall blessings. Any one of them will bring beauty and blessing to the home.

More symbols? Ester Shahaf's medal style wall blessing plaques are elaborately decorated with pomegranates, doves, Menorahs and Stars of David. They will energize any home with spiritual energy.

Our Blessing

Any of our Home Blessings will make a meaningful gift that will brighten up a wall, an entrance or a corner. May it shower Heavenly blessings on the home.

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