Dvora Black Hand Painted Home Blessing

Dvora Black Hand Painted Home Blessing

  • An exquisitely painted and decorated Home Blessing
  • Crafted in Israel by Judaica artist Dvora Black
  • Incorporates flowers, personally picked and dried
  • Framed - available in three language options

Product Description

This dainty Blessing for the Home by Dvora Black features a classic home image with graceful tendrils of a flowering creeper surrounding the elegant calligraphy text. This eloquent home blessing is graced with authentic dried flowers that the artist has picked from the Jerusalem hills surrounding her home. A special and meaningful gift for the newly married.

Available in English, Hebrew or a combination blessing.

Ships in 5-7 business days.


Artist: Dvora Black
Laser print on Tintoretto paper
Pressed Flowers
13 x 13 / 33 cm x 33 cm

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