Framed Hebrew Home Blessing - Dvora Black

Framed Hebrew Home Blessing - Dvora Black

  • One of Dvora Black’s most popular Home Blessings wall plaques with Hebrew and English wording
  • Glorious leaf design attached to chain links representing the beauty of Jewish tradition
  • Outer frame features Shabbat symbols and motifs including Hamsa, Star of David, boys and girl
  • Artist has added in center hand-picked pressed flowers - a personal touch from Israel
  • Striking harmony of delicate colors make this a distinctive decorative blessing for the home

Product Description

A beautiful and colorful Hebrew Home Blessing by Dvora Black, which comes already attractively framed.
Ships in 5-7 business days.


Item #: DVB-20HE
Artist: Dvora Black
Size: 13" x 13"/33 x 33 cm
Material: laser prints on glass, finished with hand painted gold and glass paint.
Made in Israel

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