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A Traditional Tallit, (Prayer Shawl), usually refers to the size, fabric, and design of the prayer shawl worn by a praying Jew throughout the centuries. Its body length is wrapped around the shoulders. The fabric is preferably wool, although cotton, silk, and other mixtures are acceptable. The traditional design, derived from Halachic sources, is a series of black stripes of various widths along the tallit.


Our first priority when selecting traditional prayer shawls for our customers is to ascertain that they are of superior quality, sewn by pious G-d fearing Jews. We have developed a close working relationship with the renowned Talitania Company that has decades of experience in this field. Their staff is experienced, knowledgeable and fully familiar with halachic requirements.


Scroll through our Traditional Tallit section. You will find Talitania prayer shawls of wool, acrylic and silk fabrics – all of them combining style, quality, and tradition. The wool prayer shawls are lightweight and comfortable. An innovative feature, that is extremely popular, is the non-slip shoulders.

In contrast to the strictly classic white with black stripes design, you will also find a selection of decorative prayer shawls – adding a touch of color and individuality. Consider the choice of stripe designs, reminiscent of Joseph’s coat of many colors. Or, enjoy the tallit displaying images of Jerusalem or the Seven Fruits. There are also tallitot for different groups – a Tallit for Yemenite, a Turkish Tallit for Hassidim and a Chabad Tallit with its distinctive knotting sequence.


Every tallit you receive from Canaan-Online is Kosher and carries appropriate certification. Each one comes with Tzitzit attached but if you wish you can order the Tzitzit separately and attach them yourself. There is a comprehensive choice of Tzitzit threads including the techelet blue thread.

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