Modernini Round Placemat - Kakadu

Modernini Round Placemat - Kakadu

Diameter: 15" x 0.25"/38.1 cm

Product Description

Like modern art? Then you will enjoy this contemporary style wood placemat with its bold geometrical shapes, its lines and curls and its bright vivid colors. It will bring interest and a touch of vibrancy to your meal. A strong lacquer finish protects the colors and ensures that it is heat and moisture proof and ensures long-lasting wear.
Reut and Aharon Shahar of Kakadu, live and work in Israel, but are recognized world-over for the color and vibrant designs of their hand painted household and tableware. A Kakadu product is a prestigious and stylish gift that will give years of solid wear.


Item #: KAD-PR-mod
Size: Diameter: 15" x 0.25"/38.1 cm
Artist: Kakadu Designs
Handling time: 3 weeks

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