Domino Rectangular Placemat - Kakadu

Domino Rectangular Placemat - Kakadu

16 "x 12" x 0.25"/40.6 x30.5 cm

Product Description

This striking placemat combines the Kakadu hallmarks vibrant colors, dominant shapes and a concern for an environmentally friendly universe. Whether its blue skies, green fields or the healing sun there are diverse shapes, lines and circles. Live and let live is the Kakadu theme.
Each mahogany wood placemat is unique, hand-made per individual order. A durable layer of acrylic lacquer makes it scratch, moisture and stain resistant. It is easily be washed or wiped clean. Look for matching Lazy Susans and Table Runners.


Item #: KAD-PZ-dom
Size: 16 "x 12" x 0.25"/40.6 x30.5 cm
Artist: Kakadu Designs
Material: wood
Made in Israel
Handling time: 3 weeks

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