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I bought a Talitnia Tallit with blue stripes. It is beautiful, I will use it in the Holidays coming up. Thank you for prompt delivery.

David W. 1/2021

My husband received the prayer shawl I ordered for him today – our wedding anniversary. He was amazed how I took care of everything on my own. Usually he has to help but I wanted this to be a surprise. He liked the color – a change from the usual.

Shifra 10/2020

I ordered a Tallit for my husband for our 50th wedding anniversary. I ordered it long in advance but when it didn’t come I got real anxious. You guys were as cool as a cucumber, never lost your calm, even when I rang you every day. I know that the delay was here in the States because of Covid-19 but I just had to let out my frustration. Thank you for your patience and understanding. My next Judaica order will definitely be through you.

Becky 8/2020

Your selection of tallitot really spoiled me. So many styles, fabrics, designs. My wife finally helped me choose and we decided on a classic Talitania tallit with a colored border. It arrived today and I see it was a wise choice. Really top quality and well packed. Thank you for bringing to my attention the existence of such a good company.

Ben L. 6/2020
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