A Bunch of Blessings Mezuzah by Michal ben Yosef

A Bunch of Blessings Mezuzah by Michal ben Yosef

$25.02 - $27.20
  • Match this Mezuzah to other items by the artist with the blessing design
  • Enjoy the brachos each time you enter and leave the room
  • Made in Israel

Product Description

Looking to bless and be blessed? Michal Ben Yosef presents us with this ceramic Blessing Mezuzah Case. On a warm inviting gold orange background are written the blessings for which we all yearn: joy, happiness, love, good fortune, blessing and nachat. The perfect wedding or housewarming gift.

Inserts easily by unscrewing top of case. Comes with double sided tape to attach to doorpost. Choice of sizes to suit length of Mezuzah scroll.


Materials: ceramic
Artist: Michal ben Yosef

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