Intensive Dermud Hand Cream by Ahava

Intensive Dermud Hand Cream by Ahava

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  • Rich cream that protects your hands from the harshest weather and nourishes even the driest skin
  • Its exclusive blend of aloe vera and Dead Sea minerals is enriched with mineral mud from the Dead Sea
  • Won SHAPE Magazine's annual SHAPE of Beauty Award in the Hand, Foot and Nail category

Product Description

If your hands suffer from the effects of harsh weather or water, gently massage into the skin this rich intensive hand cream. Its exclusive Ahava formula blends Dead Sea mud and minerals with nourishing plant extracts. Rapidly, it heals and softens, forming a gentle protective barrier from the elements.
Located in Israel, the Ahava Company has achieved world-wide recognition for its luxurious skin care products that are based on the Dead Sea’s legendary salts and minerals and promote natural skin health and beauty.


Item #: AH-697045150120
Brand: Ahava
Size: 100 ml / 3.4 fl.oz

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