Agayof Steamroller for Bedikat Chametz

Agayof Steamroller for Bedikat Chametz

  • A stunning and unique Israeli designer Passover gift
  • Steamroller Bedikat Chametz item by Agayof
  • Available in 6 colors

Product Description

After using this the night before Pesach to help you search for any crumbs of chametz left in the home, this stunning anodized aluminum steamroller will make a magnificent display item for your Judaica collection. It will be a beloved conversation piece throughout the year!
Choose from six contemporary style colors.
Artist Avner Agayof's impressive array of Judaica items are all designed and produced in his Jerusalem studio and workshop. Each item is “Made in Israel” from start to finish!


Type: Passover
Materials: anodized aluminium
Size: 24 x 14 x 12.5 cm/9.5" x 5.5" x 5"
Made in Israel
Artist: Agayof

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