Innovative Compact Combination Menorah, Colorful - Agayof

Innovative Compact Combination Menorah, Colorful - Agayof


Product Description

A prestigious Agayof Hanukkah Menorah for that special gift! In the classic Agayof tradition of quality and craftsmanship, it features ten square base pieces in contemporary vibrant colors combined on top with small white candle holders that are ingeniously placed between them. Easy to move. Easy to fix. Re-arrange each night in any color scheme you wish. The Shamash in the center is above them. Comes with attractive box for storage.


Item #: AGY-MN-026
Made in Israel
Artist: Agayof Judaica
Anodized aluminium
Full Length: 13.7" / 35 cm
Height: 2.3" / 6 cm

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Hebrew-English Chanukah Menorah Blessing Booklet
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