Gold Mini Ball Shabbat Candlesticks by Agayof

Gold Mini Ball Shabbat Candlesticks by Agayof

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  • Elegant hourglass candlesticks
  • Made in Israel by designer Agayof
  • Comes in a variety of stunning colors

Product Description

These gorgeous gray candlesticks were created by Israeli designer Shay Agayof in his Jerusalem studio. Made using anodized aluminium, the candlesticks are irresistibly smooth and sleek and are a pleasure to look at and use.

Agayof's pieces are recognized around the world for their fabulous combination of innovative modernity and traditional Judaism. Agayof has succeeded in breathing a breath of fresh air into the world of Judaica with his unique pieces.


Item #: AGY-CD-049
Artist: Agayof
Type: candlesticks
Materials: anodized aluminium
Height: 3.75" / 9.5cm
Width: 1.6 / 4 cm
Made in Israel

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