Aluminum Torah Pointer (Yad) - Pink by Adi Sidler

Aluminum Torah Pointer (Yad) - Pink by Adi Sidler

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  • Contemporary Torah pointer in Pink and Silver colors
  • By Israeli designer Adi Sidler
  • Makes for a meaningful Bar Mitzvah gift

Product Description

This contemporary style Pink aluminum Torah pointer was designed and made in Israel by Adi Sidler, a known Israeli artist. Torah pointer or a (Yad in Heb.) is used in synagogue to follow the reading from the Torah scroll. Adi has combined a traditional design yad with a choice of refreshing colors. The pointers are made out of high quality aluminum and will surely last through many Torah readings for years to come.


Item #: ADI-SH070-PK
Artist: Sidler Adi Judaica
Made in Israel
Material: Aluminum
Length: 8.0" / 20cm

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