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Irit Goffer-Sasson of Amaro, mother to three children, is everyday proof that dreams can come true at any age. After graduating from the Instituto Europeo di Design in Italy, and while bringing up her children, she started a career that over the years transformed a pastime that she found irresistible into a business that gives a livelihood to tens of families and has a turnover of millions of dollars.
The variety of different samples in her collections, all bearing her original stamp that are today identified as the Amaro style, have for a long time now served as a source of inspiration in the international fashion jewelry industry. She draws her own inspirations from everyday life, from the immense power of women in the various cultures she has encountered in her travels around the world. She gives others strength and strengthens herself and serves as a role model both as a woman and a mother of children and as an art designer who is able to produce every season, thousands of items that are to be found in the best fashion and jewellery stores throughout the world.
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hamsa necklace
Oriental Hamsa Necklace by Amaro Jewelry
List Price:$99.00
Necklace by Amaro Flow Collection
Necklace by Amaro Winter Sunset Collection Necklace by Amaro Ocean Collection
Necklace by Amaro
Hearts Necklace by Amaro Jewelry
Sale Price:$84.95
heart pendant amaro seahorse pendant
Oriental Heart pendant by Amaro Jewelry
List Price:$99.00
Seahorse Necklace by Amaro Jewelry
List Price:$109.00
hamsa pendant Necklace by Amaro Aura Collection
Oriental Hamsa pendant by Amaro Jewelry
List Price:$99.00
good luck bracelet Necklace by Amaro Ocean Collection
good luck pendant amaro bracelet heart pendant amaro jewelry pendant
Luck Necklace by Amaro Jewelry
Sale Price:$74.95
Summer Collection Bracelet by Amaro Jewelry
List Price:$350.00
Heart-shaped Locket by Amaro Jewelry
Sale Price:$79.95
Antique-style Locket by Amaro Jewelry
Sale Price:$84.95