Ana Bekoach Jewish Necklace

Ana Bekoach Jewish Necklace


Product Description

This astonishing Jewish Necklace features the initials of the Ana Bekoach, a famous Jewish prayer. The words Ana BeKoach, at the heart of the pendant and the initials of the prayer are inscribed in 24-k gold by Nano Jewelry in means of an innovative technology which ensures extremely high resolution. This enables a combination of miniature graphics or text in the design, which can be viewed with a magnifying glass.

The prayer Ana BeKoach was written by the great Kabbalist, Rabbi Nehumia Ben Hakannah , according to the 42 names of God. This powerful blessing is believed to draw divine protection and blessing


Artist: Nano Jewelry
Materails: Zirconia stone, gold filled, 24k gold imprint
Made in Israel
Size: diameter 8 mm

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