Anodized Aluminum Wash Cup for Children by Agayof

Anodized Aluminum Wash Cup for Children by Agayof

  • Children's design Wash Cup by Agayof
  • Choose from 7 colors

Product Description

A delightful way to impress on your child the importance of Netilat Yadayim is to present him with his own magnificent Agayof wash cup - as beautiful as it is functional. The ornate silver handles on either side help those little hands to grasp the cup and at the front is etched the words from the blessing “al Netilat Yadayim”.
Comes in a choice of attractive trendy colors.
In his Jerusalem studio, Avner Agayof produces an array of exclusive Judaica items, recognized world-over for their superb quality and contemporary stylish designs.


Artist: Agayof
Anodized Aluminum
Height: 4"/10 cm
Width: 5.9"/15 cm
Made in Jerusalem

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