Pesach Symbols Kitchen Apron - Barbara Shaw

Pesach Symbols Kitchen Apron - Barbara Shaw

  • An apron that will keep everyone looking at you
  • Let the kids - and adults - figure out the symbols
  • A delightful Pesach gift for hostess, guests or anyone

Product Description

Frogs, four cups of wine, matza, pyramids, shankbones, lettuce, palm trees, seder plates, bitter herbs and salt water, reeds, the Ten Commandments- what do they all have in common? Barbara Shaw’s depicts all of the above on her iconic Pharaoh Print Apron, which just bursts with personality!

Designed and manufactured in Jerusalem, a Barbara Shaw apron is an apron that smiles!


Barbara Shaw
100% Sturdy cotton drill
Hand screen-printed
36" x 28” / 90cm x 70cm

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