Man's Kitchen Apron Ish Tabach Shemo - Barbara Shaw

Man's Kitchen Apron Ish Tabach Shemo - Barbara Shaw

  • Humorous man's apron - Hail to the Cook - by Barbara Shaw
  • Delightful gift for the man who is your kitchen help
  • Comes in a choice of colors

Product Description

In her inimitable witty style, Barbara Shaw has produced an apron that will fit the masculine pride of the man in the house. Playing with the Hebrew words for “Praise be to Him” she has produced the tribute “Hail to the chief cook!”
Choice of colors - 100% sturdy cotton drill - Hand screen-printed - Machine washable

Barbara Shaw celebrates the important role food plays in the Jewish life-style with a wide choice of boldly printed aprons adorned with humorous texts that touch people’s hearts, reminding them nostalgically of their heritage and family roots.


Barbara Shaw
100% Sturdy cotton drill,
Hand screen-printed
36" x 28” / 90cm x 70cm

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