King of the Grill Man's Apron - Barbara Shaw

King of the Grill Man's Apron - Barbara Shaw

  • A great gift for that special Dad
  • He will fan the barbeque with added zest
  • An apron that is humorous and functional


Product Description

Is your dad affectionately refered to as the “Melech HaMangal” (King of the Grill)? This Barbara Shaw apron attests to his expertise in grilling the meat! As a BBQ conversation starter, study the Hebrew names of the many cuts and varieties of beef dishes depicted on this cute apron.

Designed and manufactured in Jerusalem, a Barbara Shaw apron is an apron that smiles!


Item #: BRS-303
Barbara Shaw
100% Sturdy cotton drill
Hand screen-printed
36" x 28” / 90cm x 70cm

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