Welcome to Israeli Kit - Barbara Shaw

Welcome to Israeli Kit - Barbara Shaw

  • A humorous welcome kit for the new immigrant to Israel
  • Barbara Shaw tongue in cheek aliyah kit

Product Description

“There is no-one as wise as the man with experience” says the traditional expression. Barbara Shaw, an oleh from Australia, is best equipped to advise newcomers on the joys and risks of moving to Israel. Settle in and you will fall in love with the country and its l people just as she did.
To help you wade through the beginning days (and years), she has prepared a Welcome to Israel kit containing: a mini map of the country, tea bag, dictionary magnet, falafel purse, a Herzl keychain, sunflower seeds, Israeli flag and sandpaper for sharpening elbows.


Item #: BRS-323
Barbara Shaw
Length: 4.1” / 10.5 cms
Width: 5.9"/ 15 cm
Height: 1.9” / 5 cm

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