Best Balaboste Woman's Apron - Barbara Shaw

Best Balaboste Woman's Apron - Barbara Shaw

  • The perfect gift for Mother's Day or any day
  • Show appreciation to your beloved homemaker
  • Choice of colors


Product Description

Originating in Eastern Europe, the term “baleboste” is accepted by Jews everywhere to to describe the Jewish super mom, the perfect Jewish housekeeper and homemaker – the queen of the home! Crown her with this pretty apron from Barbara Shaw.
Choice of colors - 100% sturdy cotton drill - Hand screen-printed - Machine washable

Barbara Shaw celebrates the important role food plays in the Jewish life-style with a wide choice of boldly printed aprons adorned with humorous texts that touch people’s hearts, reminding them nostalgically of their heritage and family roots.


Item #: BRS-304
Barbara Shaw
100% Sturdy cotton drill
Hand screen-printed
36" x 28” / 90cm x 70cm

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