Kohen's Blessing Jerusalem Stone and Silver Necklace

Kohen's Blessing Jerusalem Stone and Silver Necklace

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The Priestly Blessing was first uttered in the wilderness and ever since, the Priests from the tribe of Levi have been privileged with blessing the congregation during prayer rituals. You will find the holy words of the blessing engraved on this Jerusalem stone pendant, a replica of a font style found in one of Israelís excavations.

Option: Sterling silver or black leather chain
Presented in pretty gift box

Under the name of Jerusalem Stone, Guy Moreno has created a superb collection of Judaica jewelry, made from stone mined in Jerusalem. Each item is engraved with a meaningful symbol or text, connecting the wearer to Jewish heritage and tradition.


Item #: MRN-HPSM-J9
Stone: Natural Jerusalem stone
Silversmith's work: Handmade
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Size: 1.2" x 0.4"/3 x 9 cm
Made in Israel

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