Blue Mezuzah Case by Michal Ben Yosef- Fish Design

Blue Mezuzah Case by Michal Ben Yosef- Fish Design

$31.28 - $35.36
  • The blue ceramic Mezuzah case matches the lively central fish design
  • Made in Israel by Michal ben Yosef

Product Description

Bring color and elegance with many blessings to your home with this pretty ceramic hand-made Mezuzah case from Judaica artist Michal Ben Yosef. The blue background suggests the sea. The fish in the center, on a beige background, swims undisturbed. The fish is impervious to the Evil Eye so it is a symbol of blessing and good fortune for the Jewish home. The case is easily attached to the wall with screws and should be used for indoor doors only.

Available in three sizes:
Large fits 15cm scroll
Medium fits 12 cm scroll
Small fits 10 cm scroll


Material: ceramic
Artist: Michal ben Yosef

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