Canvas Tote Bag, Jerusalem Neighborhood Names - Barbara Shaw

Canvas Tote Bag, Jerusalem Neighborhood Names - Barbara Shaw

  • A tote bag to keep Jerusalem memories alive
  • Decorated with the city’s leading neighborhoods
  • In an artistic road map with a variety of fonts
  • A great gift before or after a trip to Jerusalem


Product Description

Jerusalem, city of peace, focal point of Jewish prayers and dreams is the theme of this stunning Barbara Shaw tote bag. In a variety of fonts, it features the names of Jerusalem’s leading neighborhoods, stunningly arranged in a fantastic work map on the front of the bag. A great way to keep alive memories of your trip.

This spacious and sturdy tote bag is hand washable and comes with a comfortable Velcro closure.

Choose between black on white or white on black design

Shipping time: 3-5 days


Item #: BRS-714
Barbara Shaw
cotton canvas
15” x 15” / 38 cm x 38 cm

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