Chanukah Candle Lighter Pomegranates

Chanukah Candle Lighter Pomegranates


Product Description

Only 1 in stock, available at a great price since the packaging is slightly damaged.

With your family watching, you want to kindle the Chanukah Menorah efficiently and easily. This Dorit Judaica candle lighter will do just that in addition to enhancing those beautiful moments. In a stainless steel case is an extended candle. The case is adorned with a delightful pomegranate design perpetual Jewish symbol of bounty and blessing.

After Chanukah, you may want to use this to kindle your Shabbat lights.


Item #: DR-DHC-2
Width: 0.7" / 2 cm
Height: 4.3" / 11 cm
Material: Stainless steel
Made in Israel
Artist: Dorit Judaica

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