Besamim Spice Box for Havdahal by Agayof

Besamim Spice Box for Havdahal by Agayof

  • Innovative Besamim Havdalah spice box
  • Made in Israel by Agayof
  • Available in a choice of beautiful colors

Product Description

This contemporary designed spice box from Agayof for use during the Havdalah ceremony that takes leave of the Shabbat day is a visual delight. The holes at the center, holding the aromatic spices, are elegantly formed into a Star of David. Etched into the surrounding aluminum disc are words from the blessing recited on the spices.
Choice of delightful matt metallic colors
Teflon plated against corrosion, this spice box comes with an attractive stand and velvet pouch perfect for gift presentation.


Type: Spice box
Brand: Agayof
Materials: Anodized aluminium
Height: 1.6" /4 cm
Width: 3.6"/9 cm
Made in Israel

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