Abstract Challah Board by Kakadu

Abstract Challah Board by Kakadu

40 cm X 30 cm / 15.7" X 11.8"

  • Wood Challah Board hand painted in Israel
  • Refreshing and colorful abstract design
  • Beautify your Shabbat table

Product Description

This Beautiful Challah board is sure to fill your Shabbat Table with color and joy!

Hand made in Israel with a harmonious design which combines natural naive simplicity with accuracy and professionalism. Designed in a lovely and colorful design depicting nature inspired motives. The stainless steel knife has its own slot where it fits at the side of the board.

Finished with a tough layer of lacquer in a high technological method that enables it to be washed in water freely. (It is not recommended however to cut straight on the designed wood)

Kakadu Design was founded in 1990 by Aharon and Reut Shahar. Aharon is a master carpenter and Reut is an artist. They create those beautiful bold designs in wood in their gallery in Moshav Zafririm which is situated in the historic Valley of Elah.

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