Autumn Shades Curved Mezuzah Case - Ester Shahaf

Autumn Shades Curved Mezuzah Case - Ester Shahaf


Product Description

Bring the beauty of autumn’s golden rust colors to your doorpost with this exotic pewter Mezuzah case handcrafted by Israeli Judaica artist Esther Shahaf. Swirling Oriental style shapes in a bright orange and gold color make this a Mezuzah case that will be noticed with respect. A fine touch is the Hamsa hand of protection in the center.
Will hold scrolls up to 4”/10 cm length.


Item #: SHF-35318
Artist: Ester Shahaf
Material: Pewter, Swarovski crystals
Height: 5"/12.5 cm
Width: 0.8"/2.1 cm

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