Alone Butterfly Double Sided Steel Wall Sculpture - David Gerstein

Alone Butterfly Double Sided Steel Wall Sculpture - David Gerstein

  • Butterfly serigraph screen print on cutout steel
  • Bend the wings to suit your mood and fancy
  • Reverse for new design and different colors
  • Affix to wall with nails. Makes stunning wall set

Product Description

Add vibrant excitement to your home or place of work with this brightly colored butterfly sculpture of world famous David Gerstein. Hang it on your wall and when you feel in the mood for a change, reverse the sculpture and you will find the same butterfly in a new riot of colors. Soar aloft on its wings and feel the power and majesty of Alona Hebrew for the strong, protective and powerful oak tree.

David Gerstein, a prolific Israeli artist has permanent displays in cities, museums and private collections all over the world. Through his art works, he examines the world with a humorous eye, seeing life as it is. His butterfly sculptures are stunningly realistic.


Item #: DG-00999
Artist: David Gerstein
Year: 2013
Laser cutout metal
Height: 11.5 / 29 cm
Width: 15.7 x 40 cm
Weight: 1.0 pound / 450 gr

Made in Jerusalem

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