Dead Sea Salts by Ahava

Dead Sea Salts by Ahava

Dead Sea Salts by Ahava

250 gr/8.5 oz

  • Dead Sea Salts by Ahava
  • Energize your skin with a home spa bath

Product Description

Ahava’s bath salts are filled with natural goodness. Add them to your bath water and soak away your aches and pains and the stresses of the day. The salts eliminate dead skin cells, moisturizing and making it look soft and radiant. Emerge from your bath feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Located in Israel, the Ahava Company has achieved world-wide recognition for its luxurious skin care products that are based on the Dead Sea’s legendary salts and minerals and promote natural skin health and beauty.


Item #: AH-697045150359
Size: 250 gr/8.5 oz
Brand: Ahava

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