Pastel Shades Havdalah Candle

Pastel Shades Havdalah Candle

Approx 23cm / 9"

Product Description

The Havdalah ceremony after nightfall gently divides between the precious Shabbat atmosphere and the rush-rush of the weekday. This decorative cone-shaped candle will add beauty to the precious ceremony. Its delicate pastel colors are the perfect background for the traditional double wick and bright flames. The upward-reaching cone hints to hopes and aspirations for the coming week.

Safed Candles was established to provide employment for the city’s residents. Until today, the work is done by hand, loving transforming beeswax into splendid colorful candles that are works of art and make perfect gifts that will always be appreciated and enjoyed.


Item #: SG-PA1
Size: Approx 23cm / 9"
brand : Safed candle
Made in Israel

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