Pomegranate Matza Stand - Dorit

Pomegranate Matza Stand - Dorit

  • This pretty Matzah stand will comfortably hold and serve your Matzahs throughout the holiday
  • Attractive for display too, it features a delightful blue and tan wheel design incorporating pomegranates
  • The word Matzah is written in Hebrew in the center of the design which is printed on both sides
  • It will look perfect on your Seder table and throughout the holiday meals. Long lasting. Use year after year.

Product Description

Whether you use this satin Matzah cover yourself or offer it to an honored guests, it will be admired by all for its warm colors and Oriental wheel design incorporating a theme of pomegranates - traditional Jewish blessing motif. After Pessach, wash the Matzah Cover in warm water and look forward to using it again the following year.


Item #: DR-PM4-B
Artist: Dorit Judaica

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