Dune Candle Holder by Laura Cowan

Dune Candle Holder by Laura Cowan

10" x 5"/25 x 13 cm

Product Description

These Shabbat candlesticks bring a dramatic contemporary look to the traditional weekly candle lighting ceremony. On the highly polished aluminum base are stainless steel candleholders for tea lights. The gentle elegant curves are a reminder of the Sinai desert dunes, only a few hours’ drive from Laura’s home in Tel Aviv.
Laura Cowan studied silversmith work in England before she made aliyah. Today, in her Tel Aviv studio and workshop, she creates original and exclusive works of Judaica that capture the spirit of contemporary art. Each item is handcrafted and signed.


Item #: LOC-DC
Size: 10" x 5"/25 x 13 cm
Artist: Laura Cowan
Materials: anodized aluminum, mirror polished aluminum

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