H&B Massage Soap - Anti Cellulite

H&B Massage Soap - Anti Cellulite

H&B Massage Soap - Anti Cellulite

125 gr. / 4.4 oz.

  • Anti cellulite cream contains Dead Sea minerals and plant extracts
  • Made by Health and Beauty

Product Description

Cellulite is a common condition of accumulated fat cells affecting the buttocks and thighs. If you are undergoing a weight loss or cellulite treatment program, use of H & Bís Anti-Cellulite soap is recommended. It accelerates the decomposition of fats and helps to eliminate dead fat cells, improving the appearance of the skin.
The soapís combination of Dead Sea minerals, enriched with a wide selection of aromatic oils, emit a delightful aroma. It enhances blood circulation, improves skin appearance and gives a pleasant sensation of well-being.


Item #: HB-843540
Size: 125 gr. / 4.4 oz.
Brand: Health & Beauty

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