Small Psalms Wall Hamsa

Small Psalms Wall Hamsa

8 x 14 cm / 3.4" x 5.1"

  • Wall Hamsa with a small Psalms
  • Beautiful for home decoration and protection
  • Made in Israel

Product Description

Here is a delightful engagement, wedding or housewarming gift a Hamsa wall hanging decorated with a beaded frame and a delightful filigree lace design. In the palm of the Hamsa is a pretty image of a book of Tehillim the Jew's eternal source of strength. Decorative stones add a touch of color.
Option: red or blue colored stones.
A Judaica item from Israeli artist Yealat Chen's collection is always a great gift, suitable for any occasion. This is one of her stunning Hamsa wall decorations.


Item #: YC-H-183-Blue
Size: 8 x 14 cm / 3.4" x 5.1"
Artist: Yealat Chen

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