Hamsa Blessing with Stones by Yealat Chen

Hamsa Blessing with Stones by Yealat Chen

Hamsa Size: 11 x 8 cm / 4.3" x 3.1"

  • Hamsa wall hanging with various custom options
  • Enlivened by colorful stones
  • Made in Israel by Yealat Chen


Product Description

This striking Hamsa Home Blessing will be welcomed by friends and dear ones. You can present it as a surprise gift to your host or to guests or to a friend or dear one who has moved home or studio. Dont forget the teenager who is moving into college or dormitory and will welcome this visible expression of care and concern.

In the center of the Hamsa hand is a metal sheet inscribed with a prayer beseeching that in this home there should be no distress, illness, sadness or conflict only the blessings of peace. The Hamsa is decorated with blue stones a color that has divine significance in traditional sources. This item was designed and produced by the renowned artist Yealat Chen using a new durable metal call mazak.

The word hamsa has its origin in the Hebrew word for five, referring to the five digits on the hand or the five books of the Torah or the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet which is one of G-ds holy names. As an amulet of protection it is becoming increasingly popular for personal jewelry or as a home decoration or as an adornment on personal items. Wherever it is used, it is reputed to bring with it happiness, good health and good fortune.


Item #: YC-H-147-Home Blessing
Size: Hamsa Size: 11 x 8 cm / 4.3" x 3.1"
Artist: Yealat Chen

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